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Trenchless Irrigation - Summer Checklist for Your Lawn

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  1. Mosquito Control: Yard Care to Combat West Nile Virus
    No one is helpless against West Nile Virus. When working outdoors, always use mosquito repellent. Also gear your yard care towards mosquito control; remove breeding habitats for mosquitoes. Eliminate areas where water would puddle and use your common sense to keep your yard sanitized.

  2. Tick Control: Yard Care to Combat Lyme Disease
    To limit the spread of Lyme Disease you must limit the incursion of deer which carry ticks that in turn carry Lyme Disease. This can be achieved by planting deer-resistant plants. If the deer don't come to eat, you’ll have less of a chance of being bitten by a tick.

  3. Keep the Lawn Greenlawn maintenance
    The demands of lawn maintenance can be a constant nuisance. And if your grass should die, it can be costly to replace. Learn how to achieve peace of mind by applying lawn fertilizers on a schedule. You'll also save time and energy by having the right mower, using that mower properly and practicing effective weed control. For professional help, call Trenchless Irrigation!

  4. Tune Up Your Lawn Mower
    No matter how faithfully you follow the advice in Task #3, lawn maintenance will be a major hassle unless your lawn mower is running properly.

  5. Mole Control and Vole Control
    In order to control your moles and voles neighbors, a positive identification is the first step. This is because moles and voles look rather similar to the untrained eye. Moles can be trapped, discouraged with repellents or poisoned. Repellents include the malodorous plants.

  6. Preparations for Fall Plantingswater gardens
    You need to plan for fall color in the summertime - and act! As described in this article, your first act should be to purchase cheap annuals and nurse them along till fall arrives.

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